We Want to Buy Your OEM Toner Cartridges!!

We purchase new Toner cartridges, Toner cartridges in a damaged box and open-box Toner cartridges

We will buy your GENUINE NEW inkjet and toner cartridges, fusers, drums, phasers, transfer, and maintenance kits.

Featured Below Is Our Buy-Back Pricing For New Genuine Unopened Dell Toner Cartridges

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DellE310 | E514 | E515$15.00
Dell E525W (ALL COLORS)$8.00
DellH815 / H825 / S2810 / S2815 (STANDARD CAPACITY)$10.00
DellH815 / H825 / S2810 / S2815 (HIGH CAPACITY)$15.00
Dell 1100 / 1110 (J9833) (High Capacity ONLY)$2.00
Dell1125 (XP407) (TX300) (High Capacity ONLY)$4.00
Dell1125 DRUM (TU031) (MY323)$5.00
Dell1130 / 1133 / 113X (2MMJP) (7H53W) (High Capacity ONLY)$12.00
DellB1160 / B1163 / B1165 / B116X (YK1PM) (HF44N) (High Capacity ONLY)$18.00
Dell1230 /1235 DRUM (C920K)$8.00
Dell1250C / 1350C / 1355C / C1760 / C1765 (Standard Capacity)$8.00
Dell1250C / 1350C / 1355C / C1760 / C1765 (High Capacity)$12.00
DellB1260 / B1265 (G9W85) (Standard Capacity)$8.00
Dell B1260 / B1265 (DRYXV) (High Capacity)$12.00
Dell 1320c (Standard Capacity) All Colors$10.00
Dell 1320c (High Capacity) All Colors$16.00
Dell1320c / 2130CN 2135CN / 2150 2155 DRUM (KGR81)$4.00
DellP1500 (7Y610) (High Yield ONLY)$4.00
Dell1600 (P4210) (High Yield ONLY)$4.00
Dell C1660W (Standard Capacity)$7.00
Dell1700 / 1710 Toner (J3815) (N3769) (Standard Capacity)$10.00
Dell1700 / 1710 Toner (J3815) (N3769) (High Capacity)$16.00
Dell1700 / 1710 DRUM (D4283) (H3730)$4.00
Dell 1720 Toner (GR299) (PY408) (Standard Capacity)$8.00
Dell1720 Toner (MW558) (RP380) (High Capacity)$10.00
Dell1720 DRUM (TJ987) (MW685) $6.00
Dell1815dn Toner (PF656) (NF485) (Standard Capacity)$3.00
Dell1815dn Toner (PF656) (NF485) (High Capacity)$3.00
Dell2130CN 2135CN (Standard Capacity)$5.00
Dell 2130CN 2135CN (High Capacity)$8.00
Dell 2150 2155 (Standard Capacity)$14.00
Dell 2150 2155 (High Capacity)$18.00
Dell2230 / 2330 / 2350 (DM254) (PK492) (M797K) (P57NK) Standard Capacity$15.00
Dell 2230 / 2330 / 2350 (PK937) (PK941) (M795K) High Capacity$20.00
Dell 2330 / 2350 / 3330 / 3333 / 3335 DRUM (PK496) (DM631)$8.00
Dell2335 / 2355 (NX993) (CR963) Standard Capacity$8.00
Dell 2335 / 2355 (NX994) (HX756) High Capacity$12.00
Dell B2360 B3460 B3465 *Standard Capacity)$18.00
Dell B2360 B3460 B3465 (High Capacity)$28.00
Dell B2360 B3460 B3465 DRUM (KVK63) (E2421)$15.00
DellB2375 (NWYPG) (N2XPF) Standard Capacity$12.00
Dell B2375 (8PTH4) (C7D6F) High Capacity$20.00
DellC2660 C2665 C3760 (Standard Capacity)$16.00
DellC2660 C2665 C3760 (High Capacity)$24.00
DellC2660 C2665 C3760 (EXTRA High Capacity)$30.00
Dell C2660 C2665 C3760 DRUM KIT (TWR5P) $35.00
Dell3000 / 3100 (High Capacity Only)$4.00
Dell3000 / 3010 / 3100 DRUM (P4866)$20.00
Dell 3010cn (ALL COLORS)$4.00
Dell3110CN / 3115CN (Standard Capacity | ALL COLORS)$15.00
Dell3110CN / 3115CN (High Capacity | ALL COLORS)$25.00
Dell3130CN (Standard Capacity | ALL COLORS)$15.00
Dell3130CN (High Capacity | ALL COLORS)$25.00
Dell 3333 / 3335 (Standard Capacity)$12.00
Dell 3333 / 3335 (High Capacity)$18.00
DellS3840 / S3845 (Standard Yield)$8.00
DellS3840 / S3845 High Yield)$12.00
Dell5100CN (High Capacity ONLY | ALL COLORS)$4.00
Dell5100CN DRUM (M6599)$25.00
Dell5110CN (High Capacity ONLY | ALL COLORS)$6.00
Dell5110CN DRUM (UF100) $25.00
Dell 5120 / 5130 / 5140 (Standard Capacity | ALL COLORS)$25.00
Dell 5120 / 5130 / 5140 (High Capacity | ALL COLORS)$35.00
Dell 5120 / 5130 / 5140 / C5765dn DRUM (ALL COLORS)$12.00
Dell5200 / W5300 / W5600 (NO888) (D1851) Standard Capacity$10.00
Dell5200 / W5300 / W5600 (J2925) (K2885) High Capacity$14.00
Dell 5200 / W5300 / W5600 (N157) (M2925) Extra High Capacity$25.00
Dell5210 / M5310 (GD531) (UG218) (PD974) (UG215) Standard Capacity$25.00
Dell 5210 / M5310 (HD767) (UG219) (TD319) High Capacity$35.00
Delll 5210 / M5310 (UD314) (RD907) (UG217) Extra High Capacity$45.00
Dell 5230dn / 5350dn (F361T) (D524T) (C605T) Standard Capacity$25.00
Dell5230dn / 5350dn (F362T) (J237T) (Y902R) High Capacity$35.00
Dell5230dn / 5350dn (2KMVD) (JN4WK) Extra High Capacity$40.00
Dell 5330dn (NY312) Standard Capacity$18.00
Dell5330dn (NY313) (HW307) High Capacity$24.00
Dell B5460 / B5465 (T6J1J) (GDFKW) (p1P75) Standard Capacity$20.00
DellB5460 / B5465 (M11XH) (C3NTP) (71MXV) (X5GDJ) (2TTWC) High Capacity$35.00
Dell B5460 / B5465 (98VWM) (4T14T) (03YNJ) (J1X2W) Extra High Capacity$50.00
DellB5460 / B5465 DRUM (65G6T) (9PN5P) (C8X24)$15.00
Dell5530 / 5535 (3W37T) (2JVMR) (MPXDF) Standard Capacity$12.00
Dell 5530 / 5535 (XXDNX) (1TMYH) High Capacity$20.00
Dell 5530 / 5535 (PK6Y4) (Y4Y5R) (26FG6) Extra High Capacity$28.00
DellC5765dn ( Standard Capacity | COLORS)$12.00
DellC5765dn ( High Capacity | COLORS)$18.00
Dell S5840cdn (Standard Capacity |ALL COLORS)$20.00
Dell S5840cdn (High Capacity | ALL COLORS)$30.00
Dell 7130cdn (Standard Capacity | ALL COLORS) $25.00
Dell 7130cdn (High Capacity | ALL COLORS) $35.00
Dell7130cdn DRUM (TM7KF) (RPFY9)$25.00
Dell7330dn (Standard Capacity)$8.00
Dell7330dn (High Capacity)$12.00
Dell7330dn DRUM (D625J) (H160J)$8.00
Dell7765dn (High Capacity | ALL COLORS)$20.00
Dell7765dn (Extra High Capacity | ALL COLORS)$30.00
Dell 7765dn DRUM (C6J59) (86J59) $12.00

We Want to Buy Your Unused Ink Cartridges

We purchase new ink cartridges, ink cartridges in a damaged box and open-box ink cartridges

Featured Below Is Our Buy-Back Pricing For New Genuine Dell Ink Cartridges

DellSeries 2 Black (7Y743)$0.50
DellSeries 2 Tri-Color (7Y745)$0.50
DellSeries 3 Black (T0601)$0.50
DellSeries 3 Tri-Color (T0602)$0.50
DellSeries 5 Black (J5566) Standard Capacity$1.00
DellSeries 5 Tri-Color (J5567) Standard Capacity$1.00
DellSeries 5XL Black (M4640) High Capacity$2.00
DellSeries 5XL Tri-Color (M4640) High Capacity$2.00
DellSeries 6 Tri-Color (JF333)$1.50
Dell Series 7 Black (DH828) Standard Capacity$1.50
DellSeries 7 Tri-Color (DH829) Standard Capacity$1.50
DellSeries 7 Black (CH883) High Capacity$2.50
DellSeries 7 Tri-Color (CH884) High Capacity$2.50
DellSeries 8 Black (MJ264) High Capacity$1.50
DellSeries 9 Black (MK990) Standard Capacity$2.00
DellSeries 9 Tri-Color (MK991) Standard Capacity$2.00
Dell Series 9 Black (MK992) High Capacity$3.00
DellSeries 9 Tri-Color (MK993) High Capacity$3.00
DellSeries 11 Black (KX701) Standard Capacity $2.50
Dell Series 11 Tri-Color (KX703) Standard Capacity$2.50
DellDell Series 11 Black (JP451) High Capacity$3.50
DellSeries 11 Tri-Color (JP453) High Capacity$3.50
Dell Series 15 Black (WP322) Standard Capacity$3.00
DellSeries 15 Tri-Color (UK852) Standard Capacity$3.00
DellSeries 20 Black (DW905) Standard Capacity$2.50
DellSeries 20 Tri-Color (DW906) Standard Capacity$2.50
Dell Series 21 Black (Y498D) (U313R) Standard Capacity$3.00
DellSeries 21 Tri-Color (Y499D) (U317R) Standard Capacity$3.00
DellSeries 22 Black (X737N) Standard Capacity$3.00
DellSeries 22 Tri-Color (X738N) Standard Capacity$3.00
Dell Series 23 Black (X751N) High Capacity $2.50
DellSeries 23 Tri-Color (X752N) High Capacity$2.50
DellSeries 24 Black (X768N) Standard Capacity $2.00
DellSeries 24 Tri-Color (X769N) Standard Capacity$2.00
Dell Series 31 Black (MYVXX) (GPDFF) Standard Capacity$2.50
Dell Series 31 Cyan (PYX1V) (6M9DD) Standard Capacity$2.50
DellSeries 31 Magenta (FPWWW) (M4GK2) Standard Capacity$2.50
DellSeries 31 Yellow (3MH11) (YWkG8) Standard Capacity$2.50
DellSeries 32 Black Standard Capacity$2.00
DellSeries 32 Cyan (N06MK) (WD13R) Standard Capacity$2.00
DellSeries 32 Magenta (QVFFV) Standard Capacity$2.00
DellSeries 32 Yellow (Y4GFJ) Standard Capacity$2.00
DellSeries 33 Black (R4YG3) High Capacity$2.50
DellSeries 33 Cyan (55K2V) High Capacity$2.50
DellSeries 33 Magenta (J56GD) High Capacity$2.50
DellSeries 33 Yellow (PT22F) High Capacity$2.50
DellSeries 34 Black (H8GC4) Extra High Capacity$3.00